FLEX4FACT Partner Meeting in Milan – Advancing Industrial Energy Flexibility and Sustainability

Milan, Italy (4-5 June 2024) – The FLEX4FACT project partners gathered in Milan for a face-to-face consortium meeting. This meeting marked an important milestone in the project’s journey towards improving energy flexibility in industrial processes.


The first day began with a warm welcome and a series of sessions aimed at updating each other on the progress of the different work packages. Partners engaged in rich discussions on the latest trends in energy flexibility and showcased the innovative solutions being developed under the FLEX4FACT umbrella.

A highlight of the day was the Industry Workshop, which focused on implementation and testing opportunities. This workshop provided a platform for partners to share insights, experiences and best practices, reinforcing the collaborative spirit of the consortium. The exchange of information and ideas not only enhanced our collective understanding, but also strengthened the collaboration between partners, acting as a catalyst to drive the project forward with renewed vigour.


Building on the momentum of the first day, the second day was dedicated to an in-depth exploration of our pilot projects. Presentations from Standard Profil Group, CELSA Group, Theben Smart Energy (represented by the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences), SEAC and Inaventa Solar (represented by the Institute for Energy Technology) provided valuable insights into current implementations, challenges and potential solutions across different industries.

The wide range of industries represented in our use cases highlighted the broad applicability of the FLEX4FACT project results. These presentations sparked an exciting exchange of technical developments and innovations, highlighting the project’s potential to revolutionise industrial energy use.

We have also been privileged to have the support of an exceptional external advisory board of multidisciplinary experts. Their guidance ensures that our project developments are in line with market expectations and strategically sound, mitigating risk while adding credibility and validation to our findings.


The Milan Assembly ended on a high note, confirming the value of these face-to-face meetings, both in terms of content and personal connections. The dedication and commitment of our partners was evident throughout the event as we work together to promote energy flexibility in Europe.

We would like to thank all our partners for their continued support and active participation. The insights gained and the collaborations strengthened during this meeting will undoubtedly drive the FLEX4FACT project towards achieving its ambitious goals. We look forward to our next meeting and the continued progress of our innovative endeavours.


The FLEX4FACT project remains steadfast in its mission to develop digital solutions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of industrial processes. The successful conclusion of the Milan consortium meeting marks another important step forward in our collective journey towards a more flexible and sustainable energy future.