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Related projects


Digitally-enabled FLEXible Industries for reliable energy grids under high penetration of Variable Renewable Energy Sources

FLEXIndustries is a European project which promotes the most suitable energy efficiency measures and process flexibility methods for energy intensive industries worldwide. It builds builds on a holistic approach to design and deploy energy efficiency measures and process flexibility methods across 7 energy intensive sectors.


Transformation of energy-intensive process industries through the integration of energy, process, and feedstock flexibility

TRINEFLEX aims at supporting the transformation of energy-intensive industrial processes through the integration of energy flexibility and the supply of raw materials.
TRINEFLEX is a toolkit for Energy Intensive Industries: it will function as a service managing the digital aspects and the flexibility and sustainability transition of industrial processes.

Circular TwAIn

AI Platform for Integrated Sustainable and Circular Manufacturing

This Horizon Europe project researches, develops, validates, and exploits a novel AI platform for circular manufacturing value chains, which aims to increase the performance, resilience and sustainability of direct manufacturing and process industries. Circular TwAIn enables human-centric sustainable manufacturing, fostering the transition towards Industry 5.0 as well as the integration and combination of different data from various sources over the entire product life cycle.


self-X Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation

The s-X-AIPI Horizon Project will research, develop, and test an innovative toolset of custom trustworthy self-X AI technologies. These applications, which will be showcased across 4 industrial use cases, aim to minimize human involvement in the loop and exhibit self-improving abilities with the goal to transform the European Process Industry.


Unlocking the Energy Saving Potential in Manufacturing Systems

The EU-funded DENiM project is developing an integrated toolchain for the provision of advanced digital services including secure-edge connectivity leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, digital twin, energy modelling and automation. Digital technologies will play a significant role by providing the ability to automatically monitor and optimise energy usage, while continuously informing users about the environmental and economic impact of decisions made at all stages of the manufacturing process.


FLExibilize combined cycle power plant through power-to-X solutions using non-CONventional FUels

FLEXnCONFU aims to demonstrate at TRL7 in Ribatejo (Portugal) EDPP CC Power Plant a Power-to-gas-to-power (P2G2P) solution that will enhance CC flexibility (thus enabling them to provide grid flexibility services and getting higher revenues), reduce their NG consumption and therefore their related emission.


European co-programmed public-private Partnership

P4Planet is a European co-programmed public-private Partnership established between A.SPIRE – as the private entity – and the European Commission in the context of the Cluster 4 (Digital, Industry and Space) of Horizon Europe funding programme. It aim is to transform the European process industries to achieve circularity and overall climate neutrality at the EU level by 2050 while enhancing their global competitiveness.