FLEX4FACT PhD Workshop

Flex4Fact PHD students workshop
Facilitating Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

In March, the FLEX4FACT project organised a workshop bringing together all PhD students involved in the initiative. The workshop provided a platform for each student to present their research topics and explain the relevance to the overall project objectives, with a total of 11 PhD students in attendance.

The workshop demonstrated that the FLEX4FACT project embraces many research areas, including industrial flexibility, energy communities and aggregators, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and life cycle assessment (LCA). Each PhD student presented their work, highlighting the links to these topics and the broader aims of the project. Throughout the workshop, there was an exchange of experiences and ideas between the PhD students, with discussions aimed at identifying common needs and potential opportunities for collaboration.

By fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, the workshop aims to advance research outcomes and contribute to the project impact. In the upcoming weeks we will introduce the PhD students and their research topics, stay tuned!

Flex4Fact PHD students workshop