Publication of first conference paper


The FLEX4FACT project partners have recently published their first conference paper. The paper is based on a study with the objective to develop a framework aimed at assisting the manufacturing industry in optimizing industrial demand response services. The primary focus is on achieving a seamless interaction among various layers, including the physical, data infrastructure, digital twin, management, and aggregator components.

The energy industry is experiencing significant changes in terms of sustainability and competition, primarily driven by the introduction of renewable energy targets and emission limits. Demand response is a potential solution to reduce the critical peak; however, its implementation in industries can be challenging due to their production requirements. Technology enablers such as digital twin technology can enhance energy flexibility and optimize manufacturing and service processes.

In this paper, the project partners SINTEF Manufacturing, CITCEA-UPC, Evolvere and SINTEF Energy Research conducted a study that aims to develop a framework that can help the manufacturing industry to optimise industrial demand response services and achieve a seamless interaction of different layers such as the physical, data infrastructure, digital twin, management, and aggregator. A systematic literature review and workshops were conducted to identify key technologies, decision areas and methods to enable both manufacturing and energy flexibility to reach demand response. Based on the results, an energy-flexible framework for manufacturing industries was developed.

Main findings of the study are summarised in a conference paper, presented by SINTEF at the IFIP International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems in Trondheim in September 2023. Dive into the details and read the full paper here: A Framework for Enabling Manufacturing Flexibility and Optimizing Industrial Demand Response Services (