FLEX4FACT Plenary Meeting in Trondheim


After a year of intensive work, the partners of the FLEX4FACT project recently gathered for a productive plenary meeting in the picturesque city of Trondheim. Taking place on June 8-9, the event provided an opportunity for the partners to discuss the project’s progress, share accomplishments, and talk about upcoming challenges

FLEX4FACT plenary meeting, 8-9 June 2023 (Trondheim, SINTEF Manufacturing)

Hosted by SINTEF Manufacturing, part of the renowned Norwegian research institute SINTEF and project coordinator, the FLEX4FACT Plenary Meeting brought together leading experts, researchers, and industry representatives from across Europe. The meeting commenced with work package presentations, allowing each team to showcase their advancements, achievements, and upcoming milestones. From Digital Twin development to data analytics and optimization strategies, the presentations highlighted the diverse range of innovations being pursued within the FLEX4FACT project.

The event also featured a cross-activities session, emphasizing the interdependencies and data flow between the various work packages. These discussions proved instrumental in identifying critical connections crucial for the project success. The session stressed the importance of sharing information across tasks and work packages.

Another significant aspect of the meeting was the presentation of the individual pilot projects (CELSA, Standard Profil, SEAC, Inaventa Solar, and Theben) within the FLEX4FACT project. These presentations provided an in-depth overview of the manufacturing processes, as well as the “to-be” scenarios to be reached once the FLEX4FACT solutions are fully deployed. Challenges remain to be solved but project partners are confident that the technical solutions developed within the project will help leverage flexibilities, leading to a better energy management in industries and cost savings.

The Plenary Meeting also facilitated networking among the participants. Coffee breaks, a networking dinner, and visits to SINTEF’s manufacturing facilities became vibrant hubs of conversation, where the different FLEX4FACT partners exchanged valuable insights.

Looking ahead, the outcomes of the Plenary Meeting set the stage for further advancements within the FLEX4FACT project. With an expanded network of collaborations and a deeper understanding of the interdependencies between work packages, the project partners are well-equipped to address complex challenges and solutions. The meeting provided a platform for sharing achievements, exchanging knowledge, and reinforcing the shared commitment to make the manufacturing industry more flexible and sustainable.